About the Principal Consultant

planning-xecute-business-solutionsDerek offers a pragmatic, hands-on approach to business management, earned over 20 years behind the wheel – driving businesses. He has achieved significant profitable growth across diverse industries and throughout the distribution channel – all with a keen customer focus.

Armed with a broad skill set, Derek can see the big picture but knows how to dig for and interpret the underlining detail. His customized solutions to an organization’s unique challenges have yielded success through effective strategic planning and execution, product strategies, sales and human resource management.

Our Services

Interim Executive

Proven General and Department leadership, working with your team to reach its full potential.

Business Operations

Collaborative and disciplined approach, creating functional flow in the workplace.

Performance Improvement

Uncover what’s not working, develop strategies to attain your goals – and execute.

Project Management

Focused on People, Product and Process to fulfill defined objectives.

Recent Engagements

Kohler Windows
Lotta Digital
Bell and Grant
Live Bait Theatre
Great Western Forestry


Derek was able to quickly identify under-performing areas of our business and develop practical solutions to the issues. We saw significant and lasting results in a very short timeframe.

David DexterOwner Dexter’s Automotive

Derek created a culture that valued the open exchange of ideas. He brought individual managers together and made them a team.

David C. WilsonOwner Kerr Heating Products

We relocated our offices to Halifax and found ourselves without an Operations Manager. I turned to someone I knew could hit the ground running. Derek brought extensive general and operations management skills to the assignment and he came up to speed quickly. He was instrumental in getting us back on track and in hiring his full time replacement.

Scott BurkeExecutive Director East Coast Music Association

We brought Derek in to help facilitate our recent merger. As you can imagine, there were many systems and processes to integrate while still addressing the apprehension employees can naturally feel when two competitors merge. Derek was respectful of the input from all members of the merger and integration team. He kept us on track, on schedule and engaged. It was a great experience and a very positive outcome

Phil GauncePresident Bell & Grant Insurance

Derek brought a unique, insightful perspective to senior management decision-making while respecting the views of others. He has a balanced and unique skill set which he applied to the assignment. This included leadership in Operations, HR, Sales and Finance.
In addition to embedding himself inside the Operations group, Derek showed himself to be ready and willing to help across all functional areas of the company. This provided a framework of support and leadership in a number of important areas.

Michael ScottPresident Precision Biologic

Just wanted to say ‘don’t know what we’d do without you’.  Thank you so much for the terrific job you do for us…we’re very lucky to have you. This budget process would have been agonizing without you…..you make numbers seem easy – your sensibility to issues and problems are always with a positive outlook and the compassion of wanting to ensure that we get it right.  The detailed sheets you have prepared to back up the budget discussions will make us look like rock stars!

Mary DempsterCOO Ambassatours Gray Line